Our services

We proudly present  the Banquet House Corona which is an ideal place to organize all kinds of parties, such as :
• Weddings
• Holy communions
• Jubilees
• Birthday parties
• Proms
• New year’s parties
• Balls
• Office parties
We guarantee the professional, congeneric organization and waiter service.
We exercise the utmost care to make pleasant ambiance and cater to our clients expectations.   


Coming accross our business clients we have adjusted the Banquet House Corona in such a way to meet all kinds of needs and demands both small companies and big Corporation.
We invite You to organize  meetings, business parties, conferences and other meetings which will be arranged in an elegant banquet room in which we can seat up to 300 people.
Also, we would like to offer a conference room prepared for meetings where we can fit in up to:
• 45 people – tables lined – up in a shape of letter „u”
• 60 people – school set – up of tables
The meeting hall is fully equipped both with the projector and the flipchart.
Within the meeting organization we encourage You to familiarize with our business menu and coffee breaks.
For clients who need an accommodation we have prepared special prices for the comfort and elegant rooms in  Corona Hotel which is located directly at Banquet House Corona.

Wedding is one of the most important events in our life. The wedding celebration is something that retains both for the newlyweds and their relatives. Just because of that each wedding party should be an exceptional event, full of charm and happiness. 
We would like to invite to Banquet House Corona all those of You who are looking for a special place for celebration Your nuptials.
Banquet House Corona is an original place surrounded by greenery, flowers and lovely pond.
Our designers exercised the utmost care so the Banquet House Corona interiors have delighted with charm and elegance. 
Our staff on the other hand takes very reliably care for the smallest details of decor and know how to create the unforgettable atmosphere, as well as the professional and smilling  service which will help You out along the wedding party.    
The biggest asset of Banquet House Corona is an exquisite polish and italian cuisine,which will suit the palates of all our guests.
The ballroom is very spacious and can fit up to 300 people, who will be seated at the round tables. Directly at the ballroom we have placed the dance hall where our guests will have fun dancing under the charming, wonderfull skay full of stars.
It is a great honour for us to contribute to Your happiness creating pleasant atmosphere of Your wedding party in Banquet House Corona. 
As a gift the newlyweds will receive wedding night in one of the suites in Corona Hotel, whereas to all guests of  Banquet House Corona we offer special discount prices.
Embracing our long time experience, if only required, we will be happy to guide You at the choice of menu, cakes, music band, car or wedding carriage for the newlyweds and the transport for the rest of guests.